Why the Family Needs a Treadmill

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Before upgrading everyone's tablet or smart phone again, spend some time researching treadmills and picking out the most suitable one for the whole family. Families these days are barely able to align schedules to sit down to dinner together. It is not likely they are going to make it to a gym, or hike trails together on a regular basis. Having a treadmill in the home means each family member can exercise when time permits.

An Investment in Health

The convenience of a treadmill in the home eliminates many excuses that keep people sedentary. Travel time, for example, is no longer an issue. To take advantage of a gym membership time is spent driving to the location, finding a parking space, and driving back after the workout is finished. That can take an extra hour. It only requires only enough time to change into shorts and sneakers when there is access to a treadmill at home.

Challenge each other to meet health and fitness goals. Dad's goal is getting on the treadmill four times a week. The teenager in high school who plays on the basketball team may have a goal of twice a week during the season, and four times a week off-season. Mom wants to get one it three times every week. Check up on progress, encourage each other to meet goals, and post reminders to stay hydrated. Any members without a goal will be encouraged to set one.

What to Consider

A treadmill for the family will have to include features that suit everyone. Due to the amount of use it will get, it should be a high-quality machine with a warranty. There are many options, so read reviews to narrow down possibilities before heading to a sporting goods store. While researching, it is also wise to browse dedicated blog sites regarding the best treadmills. Comparisons, background information on manufacturers, and buying guides, plus more at Unison Fitness is available.

Safety features are important if there are young children in the family. Some have a code that has to be entered before it will start. This ensures an adult is aware that the child is on the machine. Double check weight limits before selecting a treadmill because this will vary greatly.


Another aspect to consider is where the treadmill will be kept. Is there a space large enough for the machine to fit? Is a folding treadmill needed? Decide on the answers before buying a machine. Typically, folding machines are not as strong or sturdy as those that do not fold. This can be a disadvantage if the whole family will be using the new treadmill. Detailed information about choosing a machine to meet all needs can be found at UnisonFitness.com/reviews/.

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